Still riding the wave of her big move from Western Sydney to the Mid-North Coast, Fiona Fields spends most of her time teaching at a local high school and most of her free time making music. Her third studio album, RIDE THE WAVE, is the result of 5 years of song writing. They say artists really hit their stride by the third album and nothing could be truer here. RIDE THE WAVE is a beautiful collection of songs that document Fiona’s recent years. She says, “There’s a nice balance between the ballads and boppers.”

This is the third album Roger Corbett (The Bushwackers) has produced for Fiona. Now long-time friends, Roger knows of all of the events that have taken place in Fiona’s life recently and together they co-wrote each of the tracks. “Sometimes I’ll have a heap of lyrics but be stuck for a melody. Or the complete opposite, sometimes I’ll have a tune, but no words and Rog will add his ideas and expertise and make the song sound awesome!”  

Fiona’s first single, THE FIRE AND THE FLOOD, is a duet with local Birripi Elder, Russell Saunders. The song pays tribute to Aboriginal culture and expresses Fiona’s desire to learn from people like “Uncle Russ”. The song is also an anthem to ignite the Australian spirit and inspire solidarity as we battle side by side through hardships such as fires and floods. SHOULD HAVE KNOWN is Fiona’s broken-hearted, betrayal song which, let’s face it, always has a place on a country album. “How could you do that in our house, our home? I should have known.” The title track, RIDE THE WAVE, is a song of strength and resilience. “I will get through this, I will resurface and I will be okay... I will ride the wave.” A little Keith in style, WHERE YOU ARE is the classic road trip song. It is up-tempo and optimistic and has a groovy guitar riff. You will want to crank this one!

So, add RIDE THE WAVE on iTunes, Spotify or your preferred streaming app and get listening to Fiona’s newest ten tracks! “Thank you for your support everyone! I hope you love this album as much as I do!”

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"I will get through this. I will resurface and I will be okay... I will ride the wave."

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